We started early with a visit to the local market for the selection of ingredients, many of them from local and organic producers.

Later we go to the traditional cooking Workshop (Annex to the Restaurant San Miguelito), to prepare a delicious traditional menu of the hand of our cook teacher, who will guide us in the authentic preparation of each dish, as they do in their homes. She will share more than a recipe, will make us part of its culture by immersing us in its traditions.

At the end you can enjoy the exquisite menu that was prepared which becomes the culmination of this experience, sharing anecdotes and a good conversation with the work team, fellow cooks and cook teachers.

Our traditional cooking workshop represents the beginning of a dream to share the flavors and rich experiences of the Michoacán cuisine.

MISSION:"Let those who attend the traditional workshop live and enjoy the kitchen, learn to cook cooking, discover new flavors, make their experience multi-sensory and know that cooking is possible. That those who collaborate, especially the traditional cooks feel pride for what they do, spreading the cuisine of Michoacan and improving their quality of life by receiving a fair economic compensation for what they know. "  

VISION: "To be the culinary workshop of reference must in Mexico and recognized at the International level for the integration of different Traditional Cooks of the State to exceptional experiences, improving their quality of life and that of their communities to spread the gastronomic heritage of Michoacán and Mexico .

VALUES: "Same as what we seek to convey in our culinary experiences, as well as to the Chefs Teachers, suppliers and collaborators: Respect, Trust, Authenticity, Loyalty, Commitment, Honesty, Teamwork, Synergy and Creativity."

OUR CULINARY EXPERIENCE: It lasts approximately 8 hours and a half (relaxed and enjoyable) starting at 9:30 a.m. At the meeting point and concluding at 17:30 hrs. With the transfer back. The cost of the class is $ 1500 pesos per person including: Transfers, cooking class, ingredients, recipe book, tasting of the prepared, unlimited fresh water and 2 alcoholic drinks (mezcal, tequila or beer). We have pre-set menus.